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About T and T Turnkey

Our company is a team that will research and properly price your items. We will not only peak the consumer’s curiosity, but also give them a sense of satisfaction with every purchase. Your items will be displayed for the most visual impact and accommodations will be made for the flow of foot traffic to provide a safe and profitable sale.

Let T and T Turnkey take on the task of handling the contents of your home. We will enter your home, prepare it for the sell by organizing every detail. What we are unable to sell, we can assist you with contacting local charities and donating to their organization while you relax and focus on your next journey.  You will have the peace of mind of an empty house and newly acquired revenue.

Wooden Floor and Furnitures

Mission Statement

To be known for our integrity and respect for both client and consumer while striving to make the process an enjoyable experience

Jewelry Box

Tassie and Tanya

Tassie and Tanya are two friends that are embarking on a journey of old and new treasures.  So, DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! We understand that under the best circumstances it can be  very stressful ending a chapter of life and beginning a new one.

Antique Chair
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